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TMac, LLC was created by Tony McFarland because though he was no longer providing services to end customers himself, he would often get calls about equipment or information related to various industries. 
Since Tony has always been interested in industry developments especially related to water damage, TMac became the way to share the knowledge and equipment that is rapidly changing the way many services are provided to end customers.

Tony owns two janitorial companies in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area that have been providing service for over 30 years.  He has years of experience in mold remediation and water damage restoration through his numerous commercial and volunteer projects.

As a company we makes use of the training and field experience of all individuals involved. For individuals in the Water Damage & Restoration industries we are certified with the IICRC, and we have extensive training through various other organizations. For our customers we want to keep things simple and make sure that everyone gets the customer service they deserve.
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